"For your love was equal to everything."

Since, moving to NYC, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most lovely and talented beings in the industry. One of those beautiful beings is my dear friend and talented photographer, Rance Gensemer. He is a lover of film and literature, so this seemed highly appropriate. 

"And isn't the whole world yours? For how often you set it on fire with your love and saw it blaze and burn up and secretly replaced it with another world while everyone slept. You felt in such complete harmony with God, when every morning you asked him for a new earth, so that all the ones he had made could have their turn. You thought it would be shabby to save them and repair them; you used them up and held out your hands, again, and again, for more world. For your love was equal to everything."

- "The Notebooks of Maulte Laurids Brigge" by Rilke

Process: 20 year old expired polaroid film